Building materials

Our central site in Utrecht has a storage capacity for primary building materials of approx. 50,000 tonnes. Our comprehensive storage and transhipment system allows us to deliver large quantities of building materials rapidly and efficiently. Furthermore, our thorough product knowledge and broad logistics experience put us ahead of the curve when it comes to efficiency, accuracy and delivery reliability.

Primary building materials

We deliver our primary building materials by barge. As such, we are dependent on water levels for our logistics and supplies. Current water levels can be found at:
Keulen Middenrijn (minimal 2.21 meter)
Maxau Bovenrijn (minimal 4,51 meter)

Kaub Bovenrijn (minimal 1.81 meter)

Secondary building materials

Our sites in Utrecht, Eemshaven, Weert, Akkrum and Lelystad accept debris, different types of stony construction and demolition waste, asphalt and (contaminated) soil. Using a range of techniques, we convert these into secondary building materials, including granular concrete material and other types of granular composite material.