Soil remediation

At the Theo Pouw Groep, we have the expertise and latest technologies to clean mineral waste products. Our sites in Utrecht, Eemshaven, Weert and Lelystad will accept your soil, dredge and other polluted mineral building materials. Following a thorough analysis by our laboratory technicians, a selection is made from the following depending on the type of contamination: extractive cleaning, thermal cleaning, organic cleaning or immobilisation. We also have a soil depot available.

Our end products are utilised under the terms of the Soil Quality Decree as high-quality, secondary building materials for infrastructure engineering works and other purposes.


Soil remediation department
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Extractive cleaning

Extractive cleaning is a technique based on physical/chemical separation processes. This method is suitable for cleaning sandy mineral waste products that have been contaminated by mineral oils, heavy metals, asbestos, PAH, cyanide, pesticides, chlorohydrocarbons, etc. and combinations thereof. Our extractive cleaners in Utrecht and Weert can clean sandy contaminated soil, grading sieve sand, sewage sand, sludge sand, ground sand and sweeping sand, dredge spoil, contaminated foundation materials, ballast gravel.


Thermal cleaning

Thermal cleaning is used for contaminated mineral waste products that can only be decontaminated by way of thermal desorption. This method is suitable for mineral waste products contaminated with organic components, such as soil originating from gasworks, refineries and other processes that may release heavier contaminants.

Our thermal cleaning unit in Eemshaven can clean sandy contaminated soil, clayey soil, peaty soil, sandy soil, tar-containing asphalt, mercury gravel, cyanide soil, oil-bearing soil, PCB-containing soil, tar mastic, roofing felt.



Immobilisation is a treatment with which the physical or chemical properties of a waste product are modified in such a way that the chance of spreading environmental contaminants by leaching, erosion or sputtering is reduced significantly. The main contaminated mineral waste products requiring immobilisation are heavy metals.


Soil depot

There are stringent rules in the Netherlands for utilising used mineral building materials. Minerals from engineering works have to be certified before they are used again in other works or in the ground. At our soil depot, we can take delivery of soil, dredge spoil and other mineral building materials for storage, inspection and certification.